One of the least interesting things about Pride this week, was Pride. Making it one of the best Pride’s ever.

Philip and Kirk’s. Hearn Generating Station. Stars of the Lid. Luminato. Charlotte Rampling/Sylvia Plath. Benjamin Britten. Josh. Emily Pohl-Weary. Coates. The Power Plant. Daniel MacIvor/Spalding Gray. Dinner w/Bobby at Sukho Thai. The balcony. Bridget Everett. Clinton Street Baking Co. Poet’s House (Thanks Mike). Tom Otterness. Bryant Park Reading Room. Word for Word. Tightrope Books. 42nd Street. Inwood. Paul & Susan. Sterling. The Whitney. America Is Hard To See. Rothko. Newman. Kline. All gender. Kruger. Broadway. Hand to God. Booth. Artichoke Pizza. Sheridan Square. George Segal. Gay Liberation. Barrow Street Theater. The Flick. 7th. Joey Arias. Joey & Leo. Marnie & Jim. Proud Words. Taylor Mac. St. Andrew. Lucky Charms. Trojan Man.

Photos: KIRBY